– A Modern Woman Pop Up –

[  by tio y tia ]



A three-day pop up concept store by Tio y Tia featuring the finest local brands and artisans all under one roof. Located behind a hidden door through a lush, secret garden in Bushwick, Modern Woman brings together some of our most beloved brands including BRVTVS, Maimoun, Bembien, Peet Rivko, Hobes, Caroline Z Hurley, Industry Standard, Par en Par, Duo NYC, Bikyni, Franca NYC, Lowercase NYC, Hea Ceramics, Incausa, Palermo Body, Made by Yoke, Winden, Misha and Puff, Hobes, Carlen Parfums, Broccoli Magazine and Tio y Tia.







FABR Studio, 99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn


Friday, June 29th

Saturday, June 30th

Sunday, July 1st

12pm - 7pm



Put 237 Randolph Street into Google Maps. You’ll see a large red shipping container and a gravel driveway. Walk down the driveway, past the parked cars, until you see the concrete walking path and a FABR sign. 



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